Nutrition Bootcamp Detox Cleanse

What Have People Been Saying About Nutrition Bootcamp?

Nutrition Bootcamp has helped many people from different walks of life to achieve their weight and health goals. See what it can do for you!

"Cannot tell you how happy I am to have made the commitment to Nutrition Bootcamp! I am calmer and my body feels much lighter. And in fact my body IS LIGHTER - by about 10 lbs!"--- Bonnie

With summer approaching, we all would like to lose some of those extra pounds we've been carrying around since the holidays... Many of us have also been waiting for the perfect opportunity to start eating in a more healthful way to support any current health issues and lay the foundations for a healthier future. But who wants to suffer through restrictive diets that have you eating bland, tasteless, "diet" foods? I'm here to tell you: You don't have to! You can still eat grest tasting and satisfying foods and achieve your weight and health goals.

"I think it's something everyone should try - it's totally rewarding when you reach the end of the various 'challenges' throughout the 30 days, and overall, it's a great ride with Chris. Nutrition Bootcamp also helped me lose some weight - weight that, try as I may, I had never been able to lose in the past!" --- Tim

Did you know that with the correct ingredients, a delicious pear smoothie can be the perfect way to start off a detoxing day? Join the 30 day Nutrition Bootcamp and get healthy and lean with a touch of style!

"I would definitely recommend NB to anyone who wants a jump start on improving their diet and health. I found the daily objectives challenging yet still attainable." --- Deanna

This 30 day challenge can be completed from the comfort of your own home, and you can look forward to:

  • Delicious food during the Challenges
  • A complete Detox experience
  • Feeling more energetic
  • Losing unwanted weight
  • Clearer and more focused mind

Do You Know?

  • Which foods will make you lose weight no matter how much of them you eat?
  • Which nutritional supplements really help you, and which are just a waste of money?
  • How to eat healthy when traveling?
  • How to read nutritional labels, what hidden ingredients will make you fat or cause you ill-health?
  • How to balance your meals to get the correct balance of proteins, carbs and fats
  • Which are the healthy fats that you need, and which are the dangerous fats to avoid?
  • How to choose herbs and spices to address specific nutritional requirements such as detoxifying or reducing inflammation?

"Nutrition Bootcamp helped me a great deal by uncovering food allergies that I didn't even know affected me - but it all started to make sense when I noticed my symptoms disappearing! I was also surprised and happy about the smaller things it cleared up for me like the puffiness under my eyes." --- Jim

The Nutrition Bootcamp Experience | This is What You Will Get

Everyday for 30 days, a new challenge will be available online for registered users. These challenges from Nutrition Bootcamp Headquaters contain a Nutrition Challenge or a Nutrition Info Pack.

The Nutrition Challenges are nutritional recommendations which are complimented with delicious recipe's for the day or a group of days. These challenges that are designed to gently lead your body through the process of detoxing, beginning the healing process, shedding those unwanted pounds, revitalizing and reenergizing your body and clearing your mind.

The Nutrition Info Packs will contain the information you need for you to make informed and healthy decisions about the food you buy and eat, so that you will be able to continue building the new you long after the 30 day Nutrition Bootcamp is over. You will learn which foods detox, which foods heal the body, which foods fight off infection and which foods give you optimum energy. Most importantly, you will learn how to combine these ingredients in tasty recipes to heal your body while delighting your taste buds.

This is not just a Nutrition Bootcamp Challenge, it's a jumpstart on the path to a healthier you!

"Nutrition Bootcamp is such a great way to make a few or alot of changes in your diet! The choice is purely up to you - There is no pressure, just loving assurance as you transition into the various phases. I was also amazed at the amount of information I received on a daily basis which allowed me to decide what changes I could make." --- Gillian

To Increase Your Chances of Achieving Your Personal Goals

You will also have me, your Personal Nutrition Consultant, guiding you every step of the way on the challenge. You will have daily email access to me, where you will be able to ask me questions about the challenge or nutrition in general.

One on One Time with your Nutrition Advisor

I would personally like to be sure that you have the greatest chance of success on Nutrition Bootcamp, so once a week, you will be scheduled (at your convenience) for a free 30 minute nutrition phone consultation session with me to speak about†your weekly progress and any questions you may have. A weekly session with a Nutrition Advisor can get expensive, but you will get it free along with all the other benefits of being a Nutrition Bootcamper!

"Chris - thanks so much for your expert and amazing knowledge and wise counsel during the Detox Diet. I loved getting the daily email - I learned so much about foods." --- Bonnie


[Q] Will I need anything special?
[A] No, the challenge can be completed with regular foods found at the supermarket. There is nothing over the top in the challenge that would push your regular grocery bill any higher than it is at the moment. Who knows, you may even spend less!

[Q] I am hosting an important party midway through this month. I will not be able to follow any kind of healthy eating plan during this time, can I still join Nutrition Bootcamp?
[A] You can absolutely still join Nutrition Bootcamp. The program is very flexible and takes into consideration that some people will be traveling or attending special events.

[Q] I will be traveling a few times this month, will I still be able to do Nutrition Bootcamp
[A] Yes, the program is laid out in such a way that you will be able to get the most from Bootcamp whether you are cooking at home or getting meals on the go.

[Q] I'm worried I won't have time in my schedule for big changes to my diet.
[A] Don't worry, the Bootcamp is arranged in small modules for freedom and flexibility.

[Q] Is this program suitable for Vegetarians?
[A] Yes, the challenge is beneficial to anyone no matter if you are a non-Vegetarian, Vegetarian or Vegan.

"I found that each day brought new information that I could realistically apply and integrate into my day. Nutriton Bootcamp motivated me to re-think how I eat, and how my dietary choices impact my life." --- Deanna

About Chris van der Merwe

With 8 years experience as a Nutrition Consultant, Chris has studied both health and fitness nutrition, including being recognized as a Certified Metabolic Typing Advisor. Chris has also studied Yoga in India and for the last 6 years has also been teaching personalized Yoga to his clients as a part of combined nutrition and fitness package to regain and maintain health and really start enjoying life.

Chris believes in healing the body with whole foods and natural supplements. While chemical drugs do have their place and can sometimes be nothing less than a life saver in certain situations - these chemicals drugs should only be used as last resorts.

Cost & Payment

The total cost for the 30 Day Nutrition Bootcamp Detox Cleanse is $120. Payable by Credit Card, Cash, Check or PayPal.

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Nutrition Bootcamp Detox Cleanse - 30 Day Program $120

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I look forward to working with you for 30 days to a new you!

Chris van der Merwe