One-on-One with Chris

Thank you for your interest in working privately with me. My One-on-One consulting sessions will not be right for everyone, but they may well be right for you. My clients come to me because they are serious about their goals, whether they be:

  • Losing Weight
  • Improving and Optimizing Health
  • The quickest way to better flexibility and strength - Progress faster under my personal guidance

How dedicated are you to restoring and optimizing your health? How dedicated are you to achieving your life's goals?

Personal Yoga Training is the quickest way to build your strength and flexibility and achieve the weight loss goals that you are aiming to achieve through Yoga. I will provide you with a set of postures which are customized for your goals, strengths and challenges. Under my guidance you will practice the postures at your own speed. This is what makes Personal Yoga Training such a powerful tool - the ability to work with me to really learn each posture correctly and also modify and adjust the postures based on your goals and taking into consideration any injuries.

During your session I make sure you get the attention and guidance that you need to work through the set of postures that you have been given to practice. Your Personal Yoga Training session will take around 1 hr to complete.

There it is in a nutshell, my reasons why Personal Yoga Training really is for you!

Please contact us on 619-800-3321 and we will book you a One-on-One consulting session where you and I will be able to discuss your health goals and challenges.

One Hour Session ($120.00):

Four 1-Hour Sessions ($340.00):