Tri-Active Energy Booster

Some time ago, I began investigating ways to naturally get more energy, and I became interested in Vitamin B-12. While doing my research, I discovered that while B-12 is a great natural energy booster, but it comes in two forms - a synthetic form called Cyanocobalamin which is not used by the body very well, and a more expensive natural form Methylcobalamin which can be more readily used by the body. I also learned that Vitamin B-12 doesn’t work alone. It is best when combined with folic acid and the active form of Vitamin B-6.

In addition, I was well aware that vegetarians and especially vegans could benefit from supplementing their Vitamin B-12 intake, but during my research I was surprised to learn that Vitamin B-12 is often poorly digested even by non-vegetarians, sometimes with only a 1% digestion rate. So, the PranaLabs Tri-Active Energy Booster Spray can benefit non-vegetarians and non-vegans too.

When working on the formula for our Tri-Active Energy Booster, it was important to me that no stimulants such as caffeine, or sugars, or herbs such as guarana, were used. Our formula contains only an optimum combination of B-12, B-6, and Folic Acid.

I personally take one spray orally each day, and I like to spray it under my tongue to aid in its absorption.